Who decides which data to collect?

The Workers’ Compensation Act, EU legislation and ratified ILO Conventions only give a general framework for which data should be collected. Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, the Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center (TVK) decides which data to collect having consulted the information providers, i.e. the insurance institutions.

This consultation is in practice undertaken within TVK bodies appointed by the board of the TVK. Statistical issues are mainly discussed by the actuary committee of the TVK and its statistics working group, which is responsible for preparing instructions on the compilation of statistics.  If necessary, statistical issues are also discussed in the compensation working group and the insurance working group. All of these have representatives from the TVK and the insurance institutions, and insurance institutions may freely propose representatives as unit members. Statistical issues are also handled by the Employment Accident Compensation Board, which includes representatives from the social partners.

Any proposed major changes to the bases of statistics compilation are submitted to the TVK board for approval.

After processing, the TVK sends statistics instructions to the insurance institutions, detailing the data to be collected. Currently, the instructions are sent out once a year in the autumn.

Modified 23.12.2015