Statistics on occupational accidents

In 2014, insurance companies paid compensation for 116,331 occupational accidents that occurred to wage earners, indicating a decrease of approximately 5.6 per cent year on year. Of these, 98,743 occurred at work or in work-related circumstances. Since 2013, the number of workplace accidents occurring to wage earners has decreased by approximately 2.8 per cent and the number of commuting accidents by approximately 18.7 per cent. 

In 2014, the incidence of occupational accidents for which compensation was payable was 29.2 per one million hours worked. In other words, one occupational accident was compensated for every 22 wage earners on average. 

The frequency of occupational accidents decreased somewhat from 29.6 accidents per one million hours worked in 2013. 

In 2013, 16 wage earners were killed in workplace accidents and 13 wage earners in commuting accidents, reaching a record low. Preliminary estimates published by the Federation of Accident Insurance Institution indicate that there were 20 fatalities in occupational accidents occurring to wage earners in 2014. 

Compensation was paid to self-employed persons with a voluntary self-employed person’s accident insurance policy for 6,572 occupational accidents, of which 508 were commuting accidents.

Modified 31.08.2016