Additional housekeeping costs

If the injured person cannot perform housekeeping, a reasonable compensation is paid under workers’ compensation insurance for the necessary additional housekeeping costs. 

Housekeeping refers to cleaning, laundry, childcare, grocery shopping and similar housekeeping tasks, such as clearing snow in winter. However, walking pets is not included in housekeeping. 

Compensation is paid if the family cannot manage the household themselves. Outside help is, therefore, compensable only if the injured person does not have a family or the children are too young to participate in housekeeping tasks. For example, a single parent needs outside help while having hospital treatment due to the injury or a person living alone cannot clean the house due to the accident.   

Compensation is paid for up to a year from the date of the claim event for necessary and reasonable expenses. As a rule, this means tasks such as basic cleaning and the payment amount being determined in accordance with the municipal rates.   

An injured person who needs personal assistance (for example washing and moving around) due to the injury or illness will be paid care allowance. 

Compensation for additional housekeeping costs must be applied separately by providing the insurance company with information about the expenses incurred. Compensation must be applied within one year after the costs were incurred.

Modified 04.08.2016