Compensation for certain objects

Compensation is paid under workers’ compensation insurance for the following items that have broken during the claim event:

  • spectacles;
  • hearing aids;
  • dentures;
  • orthopaedic dressings and back braces; and
  • artificial limbs, joints or organs.

Compensation is paid if the object has broken during the compensable claim event, i.e. the incident must have caused the injury or illness. 

In addition, the injured person is compensated for torn clothes and the repair of rings broken during medical treatment. Compensation is paid if the matter has been mentioned in the medical report. 

Compensation is not paid for other material damage, such as clothes, mobile phone, bicycle or cycle helmet that have broken during the occupational accident are not compensable. 

Compensation for material damage must be applied separately by providing the insurance company with information about the expenses incurred. Compensation must be applied within one year after the costs were incurred.

Modified 04.08.2016