Travel and accommodation expenses during rehabilitation

The necessary travel and accommodation expenses arising from rehabilitation are compensable under workers’ compensation insurance. 

As a rule, travel expenses are compensable in accordance with the cost of using public transport.

If a private car is used for the journey, the injured person is paid compensation as travel costs for half of the tax-free mileage allowance annually confirmed by the Tax Administration. 

Compensable travel expenses can arise for example when, due to the long distance, the injured person must arrive at the location of the rehabilitation provider a day before the treatment.  

Compensation is paid for the travel and accommodation expenses incurred by an escort if the escort was necessary during the journey. A family member joining in with the adaptation training will be paid compensation for the necessary travel expenses.  

Further provisions on compensation for travel expenses arising from studies compensable as vocational rehabilitation are given in a government degree (1467/2015).(in Finnish) 

Compensations for medical care also include compensation for travel and accommodation expenses.  

Compensation for travel and accommodation expenses must be applied separately by providing the insurance company with information about the expenses incurred. Compensation must be applied within one year after the costs were incurred.

Modified 04.08.2016