Vocational rehabilitation

The workers’ compensation insurance compensates for reasonable costs of vocational rehabilitation involving measures which help the injured person continue in his or her previous work or occupation, or to transfer to new work or an occupation which can become his or her main source of earnings. 

Vocational rehabilitation measures: 

  1. investigations to establish the need and opportunities for rehabilitation; 
  2. work and training trials; 
  3. job coaching; 
  4. education and training appropriate for the work or occupation; 
  5. grant or interest-free loan for the acquisition of equipment and machinery and the creation or modification of the injured person’s own business in order to support the ability to pursue a trade or occupation; 
  6. assistive devices and equipment for the use of the injured person and similar structures necessary for performing work assignments; and 
  7. grant or interest-free loan to acquire a vehicle for commuting between home and work, if the vehicle is necessary due to the limited ability to use public transport as a result of the injury or illness. 

An injured person who trains for a new job or occupation is compensated for costs arising from the studies and study equipment under government decree (1467/2015)  (in Finnish)

Guideline for the vocational rehabilitation compensation system (Tako’s guideline)               

For further information on rehabilitation, please also visit the website of the Insurance Rehabilitation Association.

Modified 04.08.2016