Accidents at work and occupational diseases are compensated from a statutory accident insurance policy.
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In both cases, compensations are determined according to the Employment Accidents Act.
Employment Accidents Act

Compensation paid under the Employment Accidents Act take priority over other statutory compensations. This means that every case is first dealt with and compensated as an accident at work or an occupational disease.

The amount of compensation is provided for in legislation, and for this reason, other losses are not compensated under the accident insurance.

Possible forms of compensation are:

  • costs of medical treatment
  • certain damage to property
  • increased costs incurred from home help
  • handicap supplement
  • clothing supplement
  • provision of a guide dog, a guide dog supplement
  • compensation for loss of earnings due to physical therapy
  • other compensation for loss of earnings
  • daily allowance
  • accident pension
  • handicap allowance
  • rehabilitation compensation
  • compensation for death
  • funeral allowance
  • surviving spouse’s pension
  • child’s pension.

The listed forms of compensation concern accidents and occupational diseases occurred in 1982 or later.

Modified 04.12.2015