Applying for compensation

If an accident at work occurs or an occupational disease is suspected, the following instructions should be followed:

  • The employee must report the matter immediately to the employer.
  • The employer provides the injured person an insurance report to be submitted to the provider of medical advice.
  • The employer reports the accident or the occupational disease to the insurance institution by using an accident notification form. The form contains details of employment (such as salary data), the work concerned and the circumstances in which the accident occurred.
  • Serious accidents should also always be reported to the police and the labour protection authorities. A serious accident is one that causes a serious injury or death. A serious injury is one that is very likely to be permanent and complicates normal life.  
  • For further instructions, please contact the employer’s accident insurance institution. 


If the employer has no valid insurance policy

If an accident occurs and the employer has no statutory accident insurance policy, the accident is reported to the Federation of Accident Insurance Institutions. 

Modified 04.12.2015