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Classification of occupations

Occupation is defined as the trade in which the classifiable person works as an employee or an entrepreneur. When compiling statistics, TVK utilizes Statistics Finland's Classicication of Occupations, which is based on ILO's International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08).

International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08)
Statistics Finland's Classification of Occupations 2010

The current classification has been taken into use flexibly during the years 2015-2016. Because the currently used classification and the old one that is no longer in use are structured differently, the change in the classification disrupts the continuity of the time series of the statistics on accidents at work and occupational diseases classified by occupation. 

Main categories of the Classification of Occupations (SF 2010)

1= Managers
2= Professionals
3= Technicians and associate professionals
4= Clerical support workers
5= Service and sales workers
6= Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers
7= Crafts and related trades workers
8= Plant and machine operators, and assemblers
9= Elementary occupations
0= Armed forces

ESAW variables

When compiling statistics that present the conditions under which occupational accidents occur, TVK uses ESAW variables (European Statistics on Accidents at Work). Classifying accidents in accordance with the ESAW methodology began in Finland in 2003. ESAW uses 8 variables to describe the conditions prevailing at the time of an accident: working process, specific physical activity, contact-mode of injury, material agent, deviation, type of injury and part of body injured.

A summarised version of the classification of these variables is in use in Finland. The summarised classification is presented in a publication "Työtapaturmien luokittelu" (Classification of occupational accidents) published jointly by TVK and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, available on the Finnish page "Vanhat julkaisut").

Working process

10= Production, manufacturing, processing, storing
20= Excavation, Construction, Repair, Demolition
30= Agricultural type work, forestry, horticulture, fish farming, work with live animals 
40= Service provided to enterprise and/or to the general public; intellectual activity
50= Other work related to tasks coded under 10, 20, 30 and 40
60= Kuljettaminen, kulkeminen, urheilu, taiteet
99= Other Working Processes not listed in the above classification
00= No information
XX= Unknown

Specific Physical Activity

10= Operating machine (starting, feeding and monitoring the machine etc.)
20= Working with hand-held tools (manual, motorised etc.)
30= Driving/being on board a means of transport or handling equipment
40= Handling of objects (grasping, opening, closing, binding, throwing, placing, pouring etc.)
50= Carrying by hand (lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing, carrying etc.)
60= Movement (also movement on the spot, dressing, washing etc.)
70= Presence (sitting, standing, conversing, discussing, work with display screen etc.)
99= Other Specific Physical Activities not listed in the above classification
00= No information
XX= Unknown


10= Deviation due to electrical problems, explosion, fire
20= Deviation by overflow, overturn, leak, flow, vaporisation, emission
30= Breakage, bursting, splitting, slipping, fall, collapse of Material Agent (from above or below the victim) 
40= Loss of control (total or partial) of machine, means of transport or handling equipment, hand-held tool, object, animal
50= Slipping - Stumbling and falling - Fall of persons
60= Body movement without any physical stress (walking on a sharp object, kneeling on, sitting on, leaning against etc.)
70= Body movement under or with physical stress (lifting, pushing, twisting, slipping without falling etc.)
80= Shock, fright, violence, aggression, threat, presence
99= Other Deviations not listed in the above classification
00= No information
XX= Unknown

Contact-Mode of injury

10= Contact with electrical voltage, temperature, hazardous substances 
20= Drowned, buried, enveloped 
30= Horizontal or vertical impact with or against a stationary object (the victim is in motion) (falling, crashing etc.)
40= Struck by object in motion, collision with
50= Contact with sharp, pointed, rough, coarse Material Agent
60= Trapped, crushed, etc.
70= Physical or mental stress (also due to noise and radiation)
80= Bite, kick, etc. (animal or human)
99= Other Contacts - Modes of Injury not listed in this classification
00= No information
XX= Unknown

Material agent

1100= Buildings, structures, surfaces - at ground level (indoor or outdoor, fixed or mobile, temporary or not)
1200= Buildings, structures, surfaces - above ground level (indoor or outdoor)
1300= Buildings, structures, surfaces - below ground level (indoor or outdoor)
2100= Systems for the supply and distribution of materials, pipe networks
2200= Motors, systems for energy transmission and storage
2300= Hand tools, not powered
2400= Hand-held or hand-guided tools, mechanical
2500= Hand tools - without specification of power source
2600= Machines and equipment – portable or mobile
2700= Machines and equipment – fixed 
2800= Conveying, transport and storage systems
3100= Land vehicles
3200= Other transport vehicles
4100= Materials, objects, products, machine or vehicle components, debris, dust
4200= Chemical, explosive, radioactive, biological substances
4300= Safety devices and equipment
4400= Office equipment, personal equipment, sports equipment, weapons, domestic appliances
5100= Living organisms and human-beings
5200= Bulk waste
5300= Physical phenomena and natural elements
9999= Other material agents not listed in this classification
0000= No information
XXXX= Unknown

Type of injury

010= Wounds and superficial injuries
020= Bone Fractures
030= Dislocations, sprains and strains
040= Traumatic amputations (Loss of body parts)
050= Concussions and internal injuries
060= Burns, scalds and frostbites
070= Poisonings and infections
080= Drownings and asphyxiations
090= Effects of sound, vibration and pressure
100= Effects of temperature extremes, light and radiation
110= Shocks
120= Multiple injuries
999= Other specified injuries not included under other headings
000= No information
XXX= Unknown

Part of body injured

10= Head 
20= Neck, inclusive spine and vertebra in the neck
30= Back, including spine and vertebra in the back
40= Torso and organs
50= Upper Extremities
60= Lower Extremities
70= Whole body and multiple sites
99= Other Parts of body injured, not mentioned above
00= Part of body injured, not specified
XX= Unknown


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