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Number of occupational accidents is decreasing

Bulletin from the Federation of Accident Insurance Institutions (TVL), 11 September 2013:

In 2012, compensation was paid for 128,264 occupational accidents occurring to wage earners. Of these, 105,919 occurred at work or in work-related circumstances and 22,345 occurred on the way from home to work or vice versa. The annual number of occupational accidents decreased by about 2% on 2011.

The frequency of occupational accidents decreased by about 2%. The incidence of occupational accidents for which compensation was payable was 30.5 per one million hours worked last year. In other words, one out of every 20 wage earners suffered an occupational accident in 2012.

Preliminary estimates indicate that there were 48 fatalities in occupational accidents occurring to wage earners in 2012: 28 in workplace accidents and 20 in commuting accidents. In 2011, 47 wage earners lost their lives in work-related accidents. Of these, 26 died in accidents at work and 21 during the journey to or from work.

Number of serious occupational accidents is growing

“Although the overall number of occupational accidents is decreasing, the number of serious occupational accidents is growing. The number of occupational accidents causing a disability of more than 30 days increased by almost 500 in 2011,” says Mika Tynkkynen, director of Research and Analysis Services at the TVL.

Data are not yet available on the duration of disabilities caused by occupational accidents in 2012.

“The increase in the number of serious occupational accidents is due to a number of factors whose contributions and relationships must be carefully analysed. There have been many accidents while travelling between home and work, due to winters with exceptionally large amounts of snow. Commuting by bicycle has become much more popular recently, and more time is used for commuting. The ageing of the workforce also affects the seriousness of injuries,” says Tynkkynen.

Commuting accidents mostly involve people over 40

Out of the 22,345 commuting accidents in 2012, a pedestrian was the victim in 65% and a cyclist in 19%.

The most common cause of commuting accidents was falling down (74%). In about 67% of commuting accidents, the victim was a woman. In the majority of commuting accidents, the victim was over the age of 40.

No change in the number of occupational accidents for entrepreneurs

Compensation was paid to entrepreneurs with a voluntary entrepreneur’s accident insurance policy for 6,697 occupational accidents, of which 601 were commuting accidents. Entrepreneurs suffer much the same kind of occupational accidents as wage earners.

Further information:

More detailed statistics on occupational accidents in all principal sectors can be found in the publication Työtapaturmat – Tilastojulkaisu 2013 (Occupational accidents – Statistical report 2013) on the TVL website.

Further information: Mika Tynkkynen, Director, tel. +358 40 771 1582,; Janne Sysi-Aho, Head of Occupational Safety, tel. +358 400 157 936,

Links: Työtapaturmat – Tilastojulkaisu 2013 (Occupational accidents – Statistics report 2013)

The Federation of Accident Insurance Institutions compiles statistics on the number of work-related accidents and their reasons and consequences to improve the quality of efforts aimed at decreasing the number of accidents. Every year, the Federation of Accident Insurance Institutions publishes extensive statistics on the compensated work-related accidents, their reasons and the manner in which they occurred. The statistics report is published in electronic form on the TVL website:

The next publication by the Federation of Accident Insurance Institutions is a preliminary report on the incidents at work in 2013 that will be published in March-April 2014.

The Federation of Accident Insurance Institutions (TVL) coordinates statutory accident insurances and promotes the uniformity of the compensation system. TVL is a co-operative body between insurance institutions. Its members include all Finnish insurance institutions engaged in statutory accident insurance, the State Treasury and the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution. TVL compiles statistics on work-related accidents and illnesses as well as their reasons and consequences.



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