Publication series by the Workers’ Compensation Center

The Workers’ Compensation Center publishes two series of publications: Publications by TVK and Analyses by TVK. Publications of both series are released in digital format, with translated versions available for some of the publications. 

Releases in the first series, Publications by TVK, have a unique ISBN number. The series consists of research reports, studies and theses. The second series, Analyses by TVK, contains concise reports and analyses on more narrowly defined topics.

In addition, TVK publishes studies on current phenomena.

Publications in English in TVK’s publication series

The number of fatal workplace accidents almost halved – Fatal Accidents at Work in 2009–2018, pdf | Analyse no 18

New Perspectives into the Prevention of Occupational Diseases from the Connecting Factors of the Most Severe Chemical and Biological Exposure Agents, pdf | Analyse no 10

Classifying Companies into Relative Risk Categories, pdf | Analyse 9

Retirement age and occupational injury, pdf
TVK's publication 4/2016 | Published 7.12.2016 | ISBN: 978-952-68664-0-6 | ISSN: 2343-4295

Trends in Investigating Fatal Accidents at Work in the 2010s, pdf | Analyse no 8

New Technologies - Risks and Opportunities, pdf | Analyse 7