Statistics app Tikku

Tikku is a statistics app by the Workers’ Compensation Center that contains data on employees’ occupational accidents and occupational diseases covered by insurance. Tikku is publicly available and does not require a username or password. The app is only in Finnish.

The sub-pages in Tikku contains information on:

  • accidents at work,
  • accidents during commutes,
  • occupational accidents by line of business,
  • frequency of accidents,
  • occupational diseases.

For detailed user instructions, see the Help tab on the front page of the app.

Tikku uses data from the Workers’ Compensation Center’s register of occupational accidents and diseases and working hours statistics from the Labour Force Survey by Statistics Finland.

Tikku is not available on mobile devices. We recommend using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

Classifications used in Tikku

When using statistics from Tikku, please include a mention of the data source: “Statistics application Tikku, Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center, retrieval date of data”.