Statistics on accidents at work

One of the statutory duties of TVK is to maintain statistics on occupational accidents and occupational diseases and to perform other duties related to statistics. TVK is the official authority for statistics on occupational accidents and diseases in Finland.

Estimate of the number of accidents at work in 2019

According to the preliminary estimate by the Workers’ Compensation Center, in 2019, employees suffered a total of about 104,000 accidents at work and about 24,000 accidents during commutes between the workplace and home.

The number of accidents at work grew by just under half a percent from the previous year. The number of accidents during commutes grew by about 7 per cent from 2018.

The frequency of occupational accidents suffered by employees was 29 covered accidents for each million hours of work. The frequency of accidents remained unchanged from the previous year.

Accidents at work in 2018

In 2018, employees in Finland sustained a total of 126,188 occupational accidents covered under workers’ compensation insurance. Of these, 103,734 were accidents at the workplace, and 22,454 took place during commutes between the home and workplace.

Accidents at the workplace increased by about one per cent, whilst commuting accidents fell by some 8 per cent from 2017.

Accidents at work 2009-2018 (powerpoint) | published 18 December 2019

Instant statistics

Instant statistics show trends and seasonal variations in the number of accidents. The data are updated monthly.

Unlike in other occupational accident reports and publications by TVK, instant statistics report accidents based on the month they were reported, not the month when they occurred. This means that the figures are not directly comparable.

Data for monthly instant statistics are collected from the early stages of the claim process and should not be interpreted as precise statistics, nor are any other data on background variables available for them.