Statistics on paid claims

In 2018, non-life insurance institutions paid out a total of 577 million euros in compensation, about 0.9% less than in 2017. Of this amount, 319 million euros were claims paid on the basis of the old Employment Accidents Insurance Act and 258 million euros under the new Workers’ Compensation Act. Compensation was paid for approximately 204,000 claim events. The number of paid claims remained fairly unchanged from the previous year.

The new Workers’ Compensation Act entered into force from the start of 2016. Occupational accidents and diseases that have taken place or manifested on or after 1 January 2016 are processed according to the new law. The coverability of and compensation paid for accidents and occupational diseases that occurred or manifested before 2016 are determined based on the old law.

The compensation payable under the new Workers’ Compensation Act are classified differently from those of the old law. Comparing the categories of compensation with those previously in use is not possible.

The number of confirmed workers’ compensation pensions for wage earners decreased in 2018

In 2018, accident insurance institutions confirmed a total of 253 new cases of accident pensions for employees. The number of confirmed cases of pension was 21 higher than in 2017, but six fewer than in 2016. Of these, 128 were full pensions and the remaining 125 partial pensions. The number of full pensions remained unchanged, whilst partial pensions increased from 2017. A person granted a partial workers’ compensation pension is one whose income has decreased as a result of an accident but who is able to continue working.

In 2018, the number of workers’ compensation pensions for employees due to accidents at the workplace was 162, up by 7 from 2017. The number of pensions caused by commuting accidents grew by ten. Approved pensions due to occupational disease grew slightly from the previous year, but were significantly lower than in 2016.

90% of claim reports result in an approved claim decision

The majority of reported cases of accidents at work and occupational disease are covered by insurance. According to statistics by the Workers’ Compensation Center, about 10 per cent of claim events reported to insurance companies were rejected on legal or medical grounds.

Work-related claim events include occupational accidents and occupational diseases.