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Examination costs and compensation for pay for the period of examination

The insurance company must find all the relevant information in a claim case to solve the matter. For that reason, compensation is paid for the examination costs under workers’ compensation insurance even if the examination indicates that the injury had not been caused by an occupational accident or that the illness is not an occupational disease.

In the case of occupational accidents, examinations are carried out so as to determine medical causality between the injury and the accident. Similarly, in the case of occupational diseases, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and other bodies may carry out examinations in order to determine whether the illness is work-related.

The loss of pay caused by the examination is compensable, provided that the case does not involve an occupational accident or disease. Compensation is paid for up to seven (7) days.

Compensation for pay for the period of examination must be applied separately by providing the insurance company with information about the loss of pay. Compensation must be applied within one year after the costs were incurred.



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