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The basic principles of workers’ compensation insurance are as follows:

  1. Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, the employee is always entitled to compensation for losses caused by an occupational accident or disease.
  2. The employer is obliged to take out insurance cover against occupational accidents and diseases from the insurance company of its choosing.

The Insurance pages provide more information on the basic rules applicable to the key areas, such as when you are insured, the insurance obligation and the insurance itself. For the topics, see the navigation. For further information on these and many other related matters, see the Insurance Handbook in Finnish: Vakuutuskäsikirja. (in Finnish)

The Insurance Handbook has been written and is updated by TVK’s insurance network. They would welcome feedback on how the Handbook could be developed. Please send your feedback to the network at

In an individual case, if you cannot find an answer on TVK’s website or in the Insurance Handbook, contact the insurance company underwriting your employer’s insurance.


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