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Transferring an insurance policy to another company

The policyholder can transfer a continuous workers’ compensation insurance policy to another insurance company. A fixed-term policy cannot be transferred.

A continuous insurance policy can be transferred so that it expires on the last day of March, June, September or December in the current insurance company and therefore is valid in the new insurance company on 1 April, 1 July, 1 October or 1 January. However, the insurance must have been valid in one company for at least one calendar year.

The insurance is transferred using a written transfer notice which the policyholder submits, dated and signed, to the new insurance company. Each company has its own transfer notice forms.

The new insurance company sends the transfer notice to the old company. The information must be sent to the old insurer three months before the above-mentioned policy expiry dates.

When the old insurance company receives the notice of the transfer, it sends the policyholder’s payrolls date to the new company for the current and the previous policy period.

If the policyholder has submitted a transfer notice to two or more insurance companies and indicated the same date of commencement, the first transfer will remain valid. However, the parties may come to a different agreement.

A continuous partial insurance is transferred in the same way.



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