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Voluntary working hours insurance for employees working abroad

A Finnish employer may take out voluntary working hours insurance for an employee, provided that the employer can provide the employee with the pension coverage referred to in section 150(2-4) of the Employees' Pensions Act.

With regard to compensation for loss of earnings, only the earnings paid by the employer who took out the policy will be considered.

The insurer can reject the policy application if it has outstanding uncontested receivables for the policyholder. The insurance company also has the right to terminate the policy if the policyholder has failed to pay an outstanding premium or deliberately provided false or incomplete information for the purpose of processing a claim or determining an insurance premium in order to obtain illegal financial gain.

The insurer terminates the policy in writing. The insurance policy expires 30 days from the date the termination was sent. When the cause of the termination is a failure to pay the insurance premium, the policy will not expire if the outstanding premium is paid before the end of the notice period.

The voluntary working hours insurance for employees working abroad cannot be combined with a leisure-time insurance.


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