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Claiming compensation from TVK

TVK is liable to compensate for occupational accidents and diseases if the employer did not have the insurance cover referred to in the Workers’ Compensation Act in place when the claim event occurred. A claim event means an occupational accident or disease. Uninsured employees are entitled to the same statutory compensations as insured employees.

However, employers do not have to take out the insurance referred to in the Workers’ Compensation Act for posted workers. For further information, see the section on the employees insured in another country.

If an accident occurs or an occupational disease is suspected during uninsured work, follow these instructions:

  • The employee must report the matter immediately to the employer.
  • The employer then notifies the Workers' Compensation Center of the accident or suspected occupational illness without delay, using the Notice of accident or occupational disease form (for the form, please visit the Publications page). The notice must be submitted to the insurance company within 10 working days from the date the employer was informed of the matter.
  • The injured person can have the case instituted by filling in and submitting the Notice of accident or occupational disease to the Workers' Compensation Center or by reporting the accident in writing to the Workers' Compensation Center. The report must include the following information: details of the injured person, the work performed and the conditions when the accident happened. However, the employer is primarily responsible for submitting the notice.
  • TVK maintains a register of insurance policies for checking employers’ insurance details. (Contact details)

Serious accidents should always be reported to the police and the labour protection authorities. A serious accident is one that causes a serious injury or death. A serious injury is one that is very likely to be permanent and complicates normal life.


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