Instructions for filling in claim application

The insured's spouse and children under 22.

The claim application shall be signed by a beneficiary. Should the only claimants be children under the age of 18, the application is signed by the children's guardian, usually their custodian. Should the children have no statutory guardian, a copy of a court order appointing a guardian ad litem shall be appended to the application. The death benefit is paid to the beneficiary. Should the beneficiary be under the age of 18, payment is made to the guardian.

Data on employment
It helps processing the claim if the claimant encloses information about  the last employer of the deceased. Should such information not be obtained, the claim application may nonetheless be submitted for processing. Processing of the claim might be delayed by incomplete data.

Claims are processed by the Employees' Group Life Assurance Pool

Postal address:
The Employees' Group Life Assurance Pool
Itämerenkatu 11-13, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Customer service tel. 0409 222 900 
Fax 0404 504 246

Personal data concerning the insured and the claimants is processed in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act and the provisions of Finnish insurance legislation.

Compensation Claim, employer (pdf)

Compensation Claim, beneficiary (pdf)