The Workers’ Compensation Center uses two logos:

  • short version with the logo and the abbreviation TVK
  • long version with the logo and the name Workers’ Compensation Center.

The main colour of the logo is blue. The logo includes a star-shaped pattern formed by alternating light blue and dark blue elements. The darkest shade of blue is used for the letters in the name. The star-shaped figure of the logo is reminiscent of a conference table or a cogwheel hard at work. The six points of the star symbolise TVK’s broad co-operation and many areas of expertise.

TVK logo (jpg)
TVK logo (eps)
Workers’ Compensation Center logo (eps)


The colours used in the TVK logo and in most other materials are:

Pacific blue
C90 M15 Y0 K0 R0 G152 B218 #0098da PMS 299C

Light blue
C49 M0 Y0 K0 R134 G209 B245 #86d1f5 PMS 2905C

Dark blue
C100 M30 Y0 K6 R0 G123 B192 #007bc0 PMS 7461C