TVK is the official authority for statistics on occupational accidents and diseases in Finland.

Basic statistical data on the previous year’s occupational accidents are published in February of the following year. In addition, more detailed analyses on precisely defined topical themes are published during February–August. The analyses examine the most recent numbers from the previous year and any changes in them.

Number of accidents at work remained almost unchanged in 2023

In 2023, a total of 114 500 accidents at work were recorded, of which 92 200 were accidents at workplace and 22 300 while commuting. The number of accidents at work increased by 1,8 per cent, accidents at workplace by 2,1 per cent and commuting accidents by 0,5 per cent from 2022.

Last year, the frequency of accidents at workplace was 25,9 per million hours worked. The frequency increased by 1,6 per cent from 2022, when the frequency was 25,5.

The frequency figure relates the number of accidents at the workplace to the amount of work done and describes more accurately than the number data any changes in the frequency of accidents at the workplace on the annual level.

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The number of occupational accidents rose more in 2022 than expected

In 2022, a total of 114 600 accidents involving employees occurred, of which 92 000 were occupational accidents and 22 600 were commuting accidents. The number of occupational accidents rose by 1,6% and the number of commuting accidents rose by as much as 23,5% from the previous year.

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