TVK’s strategy

The strategy of the Workers’ Compensation Center has been formed in a broad collaboration between TVK’s Board of Directors, employees and stakeholders. The core of our operations is centred round six focus areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Influencer
  • Developer
  • Central organisation
  • Technology
  • Enthusiasm

2020 is the 100th anniversary of the Workers’ Compensation Center and marks the start of a new strategy period that draws from history and looks boldly to the future.


We produce useful and diverse data on occupational accidents and diseases and the operating environment for insurance providers.

We collect data from insurance companies on existing policies and premiums, claim events and paid amounts of compensation. We also obtain information from other social security systems, public authorities, labour market organisations, universities and research institutions and our international counterparts. Monitoring the operating environment and research related to accidents at work is at the core of our operations. We study, refine and distribute the data we collect for use by the statutory accident insurance system and its implementing actors. Our experts have strong expertise and experience in their field


The data we produce is easily accessible and intelligible.

We enhance the reputation and recognition of workers’ compensation insurance. We provide factual and objective data We target our data in ways appropriate to each situation and target group in order to maximise its impact. We strive to ensure that our data are distributed as openly as possible within the limits of current legislation. The data we produce are independent of the interests of our members or labour market organisations represented in our governing bodies. We actively put forward themes related to workers’ compensation insurance to the media and take part in public discourse on the development of the working life.


We are a centre for development and driving force for workers’ compensation insurance.

We provide tangible proposals for improving insurance policies and their implementation. Our proposals are based on our observations and statistics, research data and signals received from our members and other parties in our network. We propose solutions also for challenges to which the labour markets and the implementing system have not yet formed a coherent vision. We act as a centre for development and work with parties in the labour market, the Ministry for Social Affairs and Health and TVK members in preparing policies for reforming workers’ compensation insurance. We work together with insurance companies in bringing decisions into practice.

Central organisation

We handle our duties as the central organisation for workers’ compensation insurance with high quality.

We perform those tasks of a decentralised system which are best handled centrally in an exemplary manner. We are a well-known and recognised source of support in the most difficult questions related to workers’ compensation insurance. The customer service we provide for members, other stakeholders and direct personal customers is efficient and friendly. We continuously evaluate the relationship between decentralisation and centralisation and have the capacity to take up new duties.


We facilitate the modernisation of the accident insurance system and its processes through the use of technology.

We ensure that our legal basis provides sufficient opportunities for the use of technology. We are exploring potential uses for artificial intelligence and other technologies in developing the implementation system. We encourage our members and the implementation system to make use of shared databases as widely as possible. We look for solutions that simplify the work of our members and the insurance system, and improve the system’s transparency.


We have a great team of people and a good work atmosphere.

As experts at TVK and in insurance companies, our work has real impact on the development of accident insurance. Experts of our networks are also committed to this task. The Board of Directors is committed to development and supports our shared efforts. We are an attractive employer for the best professionals in the field. At TVK, employees can develop to become leading experts in the field. Our atmosphere encourages continuous development and learning new. Our work methods and organisation are flexible, in order to help achieve the best results. We employ people with the right skillsets in the right tasks.