Duties, strategy and members of the Workers' Compensation Center

The Workers' Compensation Center (TVK) co-ordinates and develops the implementation of the Workers’ Compensation Act within Finland. Additionally, TVK processes claims in cases of accident and disease that occur in uninsured work.

TVK maintains statistics on accidents at work and occupational diseases and supervises employers’ compliance with the duty to take out insurance. It is also responsible for monitoring the insurance of professional athletes and for overall supervision, and maintains a register of insured athletes and policyholders under the Act on Athletes’ Accident and Pension Cover (276/2009).

Under law, insurance institutions that offer workers’ compensation insurance must be members of TVK.

The function and duties of TVK are specified in the Workers’ Compensation Act TyTAL 459/2015, available on Finlex.
Unofficial translation about the Act, pdf


The governing bodies of TVK are the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director.

General Meeting

All members of TVK have a vote in the General Meeting. The meeting is presided by a chair elected by the members.

The General Meeting of TVK:

  • decides on the rules of TVK
  • deals with the balance sheet and the statement by the auditors on the financial statements
  • decides on the measures to which the previous year's administration and accounts gives rise
  • decides on the fees paid to the auditors and the chairman, members and medical experts of the Board of Directors and the Accident

Insurance Compensation Board

  • decides on the number of members and deputy members of the Board of Directors representing the members of TVK, and holds the election of the members and deputy members of the Board of Directors representing the members and election of the auditors
  • approves the following year's budget.

TVK’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors' term of office is three calendar years. The Board of Directors shall elect a chairman and a deputy chairman from among its members.

The Board of Directors:

  • exercises supreme power of decision-making in TVK in matters that do not fall within the decision-making powers of the General

Meeting or the Managing Director

  • prepares the matters to be discussed at the General Meeting
  • appoints and dismisses the Managing Director of TVK and the managers reporting to the Managing Director, and agrees on their remuneration and other terms of office
  • determines the fees for the services provided in accordance with section 210 of the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Members and deputy members of the Board of Directors

Senior Adviser, Social and Health Policy Ida Nummelin, The Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK
Director Markus Munter, If P&C Insurance
CEO Heli Backman, The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela
Lawyer Paula Ilveskivi, The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK
Leading expert Miia Kannisto, Akava
CEO Aki Kiiliäinen, Pohjantähti Mutual Insurance Company
Minna Niemi, Fennia Mutual Insurance Company
Anne Salomaa, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
Business director, Juho Vilokki, LähiTapiola Mutual Insurance Company
Director, Person Insurance, Jarkko Pärssinen, Pohjola Vakuutus Oy
Medical doctor, expert Auli Rytivaara, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
Specialist Antti Tanskanen, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
Director Satu Vallivaara, State Treasury

Deputy members:
Director, claims and insurance Jussi Ilveskoski, Turva Mutual Insurance Company
Adviser for Health, Safety and Equality at Work Anne Mironen, The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK
Leading economist Sami Pakarinen, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
Director of agriculture Johan Åberg, The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)

Managing Director

The Workers’ Compensation Act stipulates that the Managing Director of TVK shall have satisfactory knowledge of insurances for occupational accidents and diseases and be of good reputation. The Managing Director exercises supreme decision-making power in individual cases that concern the payment of damages suffered in uninsured work and the processing of delayed claims, among other areas.

As of 1 June 2017, the Managing Director of TVK is LL.M. Janne Reini.