Whose claims are processed by the Workers’ Compensation Center?

The Workers’ Compensation Center (TVK) processes the claim in the event that the employer did not have valid insurance under the Workers’ Compensation Act at the time of the occupational accident or disease.

Uninsured employees are entitled to the same statutory compensation as insured employees. Any of the following may submit a claim to TVK:

  • employee,
  • employer
  • medical care provider.

TVK is the Finnish authority for matters related to the EU social security system, and it processes workers’ compensation cases of posted workers to Finland from an EU or EEA Member State, Switzerland or a signatory country to the European Convention on Social Security. For more information, see the section on Employees insured in another country.

Claiming compensation from TVK

In the event of an accident or suspected case of occupational disease in uninsured work, the employee must immediately notify the employer. Once it has received the notification, the employer must report the accident or suspected case of occupational disease to TVK within 10 working days using the accident or disease notice form.  

The employee may also notify TVK with a report detailing information about the injured employee, the employer, the type of work performed, and the circumstances of the accident.

Serious accidents should always be reported to the police and the labour protection authorities. A serious accident is one that causes a severe injury or death. A severe injury is an injury that is very likely to be permanent and complicates normal life.

For more information on how claims are processed at TVK, call:  Workers’ Compensation Center Claims Unit, tel. +358 404 504 210 or email: