How TVK promotes safety at work

The aim of TVK’s efforts to promote safety at work is to help prevent occupational accidents and diseases by compiling statistics and producing studies and analyses on work-related accidents.

TVK assists in the practical work of employers, insurance institutions, authorities, research institutions and other stakeholders on promoting safety at work.

The core tasks of TVK in promoting safety at work are:

  • Compiling, analysing and communicating on occupational safety statistics based on the register of occupational accidents and diseases maintained by TVK
  • Investigating accidents at work and communicating relevant information
  • Monitoring the operating environment of occupational safety and health
  • Representing the insurance sector in matters related to safety at work (stakeholder collaboration and events)
  • Information services on statistics and accident investigations

A key part of the promotion of safety at work by the Workers’ Compensation Center is investigating accidents at work. TVK carries out accident investigations in the form of both detailed TOT investigations as well as brief accident reports on the työ website. The goal of investigating occupational accidents is to take lessons from and disseminate information on accident cases, in order to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Statistics by TVK on accidents at work
Statistics app Tikku
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