Accident reports on the työ website

The työ website lists occupational accidents reported to the Workers’ Compensation Center (TVK) that have resulted in serious injury or death. The site publishes accident reports mainly on incidents for which an accident investigation is not launched.

The accident reports present the views of TVK’s occupational safety experts on the case in question. The reports describe the course of events and factors leading to the accident and offer recommendations on measures to prevent similar accidents from occurring. The reports illustrate the events and preventive measures using a variety of methods, including 3D models, illustrations and animations.

Information about the accident cases are based mainly on the reports and views of investigating authorities. On a case-by-case basis, the reports also use other available data.

Työ website

TVK also publishes analyses and studies on the basis of data collected from accident investigations in Työtapaturmatieto 

Statistics App Tikku


Tikku is a statistics app by the Workers’ Compensation Center that contains data on employees’ occupational accidents and occupational diseases covered by insurance. Tikku is publicly available and does not require a username or password.

Tikku is not available on mobile devices. We recommend using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

Tikku is only in Finnish.

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